Let’s talk about the Rails Girls Summer of Code…

It’s a program started by Rails Girls Berlin, and helps women from all around the world get into open source. This year, 10 sponsored teams and 6 volunteer teams are working on open source projects from home-grown project group apps, to Diaspora, to Bundler.

It’s not just an interesting program, it’s also one that we’re both very involved with. Bodo is a mentor to the Code Padawans, and Tam was a member of a volunteer team last year, is helping to organize this year, and is also a supervisor to team RapidRailsGirls.

Rails Girls Summer of Code is a fantastic program that is changing lives. This week we sat down with two teams in the program, Brigitte and Kathi from RapidRailsGirls, and Ute and Magda from Code Padawans, to talk about how their summer is going, how it all started, and their plans for the future.

correction - Bodo is a mentor to the Code Padawans not Team SeeMeSpeak


Team RapidRailsGirls


Team Code Padawans

Code Padawans