We started Bits of Berlin because we love podcasts. We love listening to them on the way to work, we eagerly swap recommendations with friends, and we get giddy at the sight of our client downloading the latest episode of a favourite podcast.

Because we think podcasts are so amazing, and because we want to spread the word about all the wonderful ones out there, we decided it’s time to start recommending some of our favourite podcasts to our listeners.

Serial - recommended by Bodo

Serial Logo

A 15 year old murder case. A journalist called Sara Koenig. That’s all it takes to create one of the most addictive and record breaking podcasts in the world. Despite being only a few months old, you can currently see it the list of the the top five of podcasts in the world, and it’s there for a reason. Each week, another episode discusses a crucial part of the case. A person, a place, the inconsistencies in the testimonies, the sketchy police work. It’s impossible to guess what will happen next, and each episode leaves you wanting more. Start at episode one today!

Strangers - recommended by Tam

Stangers Logo

Strangers, at its core, is a podcast about meeting people. Hosted by Lea Thau, it’s about those little moments of humanity in every day encounters, and moments of heartbreak. Whether interviewing a waitress about her unlikely friendship with a rude, “pimped out” 77 year old customer , or a heartfelt look at the lives of a gay couple who have just four days to prepare for the arrival of their adopted daughter, Strangers is a beautiful, and sometimes painfully honest look at the world and people around you.

Stay tuned for more, and please share your favourites with us too!