Happy New Year Podcast fans! 2015 has arrived, but sadly, Tam has not. She’s still in Canada on vacation, and to pass the time until she gets back and another Bits of Berlin can be made, we’ve rounded up some more podcast recommendations to keep you going. If, however, you miss Bodo’s voice and you just can’t wait any longer, you can listen to him (in German), in the latest Geekstammtisch Podcast, recorded from this year’s 31st Chaos Communication Congress! Enjoy!

Wostkinder - recommended by Bodo - GERMAN

25 years ago the Wall in Germany fell. Two divided countries reunited to one. A socialist state ceased to exist and a generation of children had to adapt to the new capitalistic lifestyle. Pittiplatsch was gone, and so was the country they were born in. In this podcast, Katrin Rönicke and Marco Herack interview people about their experiences during the big transformation of two countries and what it did to them.

99% Invisible - recommended by Tam - ENGLISH

99% Invisible Logo

There are so many aspects of the world that we take for granted and never think about. Every object you see, every building you walk past, every form of transportation you use, was designed by someone and was made to fit a certain purpose. You sit down every day, but do you ever think about who made your chair, and why? When you buy something and the cashier scans its barcode, do you think what all those lines and numbers mean? 99% invisible asks all these questions, from the smallest objects, right up to the organization of entire cities.

Stay tuned for more, and please share your favourites with us too!