Are you still with us?

Apologies for the radio silence… It’s been a very busy summer, and unfortunately podcasting was one of our many activities that had to be put on hold for a little bit.

Bodo, as we’re sure many of you already know, was busy volunteering as one of the lead organizers of eurucamp. He’s was hard at work organizing many aspects of the conference for MONTHS, and is happy (and also a bit sad), that it’s all over. He’s also been busy at work, building software for a company that hosts music festivals, and offering on-site-support for some of these festivals. What can we say, life is hard sometimes.

Tam has also been busy this summer: she was blogging for eurucamp, dedicating her time to the rubycorns project group which builds the open souce project rorganize.it, mentoring her Rails Girls Summer of Code team who is working on the Sounddrop project, and learning how to cross stitch.

After all that, we are both in desperate need of some holidays. Bodo will soon be off to Australia for a month, and Tam will be off to Croatia for a few weeks. Ahhhhhhh we cannot wait.

But don’t worry! We’ll be back at you with a NEW podcast before all that wonderful vacation-y goodness happens! We will be recording on September 9th, and you can expect something glorious from us soon after. So chin up! You’ll be hearing our wonderful voices again soon.

Bis dann!