A right to access the internet

Have you ever checked your phone for available wifi and were then pleasantly surprised to see berlin.freifunk.net there, just waiting for you?

That’s thanks to Berlin’s Freifunk community, a non-commercial grassroots organization based on the idea that the internet should be free for all. Routers placed delicately on balconies, church towers, and anything high above the rooftops, connect to each other using mesh technology.

Not only is Freifunk great for the average user, it’s also received lots of press due to the high number of refugees coming to Germany. With the help of Freifunk, refugees entering the city of Berlin have been able to connect to their families and loved ones after a long trip and difficult trip to safety.

In this episode we talk to Carsten about his love of Freifunk, and how it works.

Glossary/German words

  • Förderverein = association
  • Störerhaftung = liability for interference
  • Verein = club/association


Carsten and his Freifunk Box