A place for all the kickass tech ladies

Last summer at the Chaos Computer Camp, Kat and Marie met many wonderful women in tech who were doing exciting and interesting things. Amazed, the two wondered to themselves, ‘where have you all been!?’

In response, Heart of Code, a Berlin-based hackspace for women, was created. Yes, other hackspaces are open to women, but the two founders discovered that when places are explicitely for women, women show up. When they’re not, chances of having a large female presence is often smaller.

After less than a year, the group boasts a slack channel of over 400 members, weekly meetups, and funding for workshops for teenagers. Kat and Marie are proving that there are not only hundreds of eager & active tech ladies out there, but also that this hidden community was just waiting for an opportunity to support and frequent such a space.

In this episode we talk to Heart of Code founders Kat and Marie about their hackspace for women, why these types of communities are important, and their hopes for the future.

NOTE: This episode was recorded at the beginning of June, so all dates mentioned relate to June.


  • every Thursday - the Heart of Code Damensalon at Xhain Hackspace. See the Heart of Code Calendar for details

Kat and Marie